Family photo session, outdoors with Fabloomosity backdrop. By Paper Bunny Studios, Edmonton
Family Photos

Beautifully natural

Celebrating what makes your family beautiful, different, and unique

just the way you are

Cherish this time in your lives with family photos that are beautifully true to you

My location-based Family Documentary Photography sessions are organised, thoughtful and considered so even when the smiles are a bit trickier, there is still magic! My photojournalistic approach ensures there’s a strong narrative in the photos. The result? Beautiful family photos that tell your story.

Let’s face it,
kids grow up.

But images let us remember them when….

Silly cousins photo by Edmonton Family Photographer Paper Bunny Studios

We have known Rina at Paper Bunny since she shot our wedding and I remembered thinking to myself that I want her to document every milestone in our families’ lives.  Her photos captured us…the real us… in the most perfect way.  Fast forward 10 years and 2 kids later, she continues to work her magic by documenting all our quirks, laughter and happiness.  Thank you, Rina and Paper Bunny Studios for your level of care and passion for helping us capture the precious moments in our lives.  I am grateful that in another 10 years, when my daughters look back at these photos, they are able to see through our smiles, just how much their mommy and daddy loves them.  That gift means the world to us.

The Lee Family

Magical Memories

Family time = Quality time

Time’s too precious for boring. I plan family photo shoots that are

fun for all ages

granddaughters playing with grandparents by Paper Bunny Studios Edmonton
Photojournalism of family picking strawberries by Edmonton family photographer Paper Bunny Studios

By building trust (treats help!) with the entire family, I have the joy of capturing your family’s dynamics and personalities.

it’s your story

It’s an honour to capture these precious moments for your family.

While memories and words can fail us, an image anchors us to moments past

Documentary Family Photography

life is better unscripted

My documentary family photography celebrates all the unexpected surprises and those oh so sweet moments that make us wish we could hit pause.

Girls expression after seeing mom & dad kiss by Edmonton Documentary family photographer Paper Bunny Studios

We recently booked a family photo session with Paper Bunny Studios and got to work with Rina Chan as our photographer. The family photo session we were requesting was not the usual family session, but rather a combination of 6 families filled with 4 sets of in-laws, three siblings and their own families complete with 6 busy children (with 4 being 6 and under). Prior to the photo session, we were able to discuss all the details of the session and our expectations with Rina in two quick conversations, making excellent use of everyone’s time. She asked the right questions and provided the proper details that allowed for all of us to plan the photo session without any issues. During the 1.5 hour photo session, Rina managed to deal with 20 people in a professional, calm, patient and creative manner. She got the kids to smile with a bit of silliness and mischief, the grandparents to laugh, in-laws to talk with happiness and the siblings to have fun. What made it a wonderful photo session was the fact that Rina created a stress free environment without fuss, pressure and worry, while still catering to her clients wishes for a happy and productive family photo session.

The Lee Family

Cherish this time. always.