Life with kids is completely unpredictable. And as parents, we roll with the surprises, learn from them, and do our best to enjoy the chaos of kids!

In the days leading up to this outdoor family photo shoot, Jennifer called. Her son had a black eye. Not a problem (thank you Photoshop!), we can absolutely continue the photo session as planned.

I’ve known Jennifer, the amazing wedding planner behind Jennifer Bergman Weddings for 13+ years. We got to know each other during my work as a wedding photographer with my husband. When she asked me to photograph her beautiful young family, I was honoured.

It was great exploring the field on such a warm Fall day. The kids had such fun running around & being their gorgeous selves in front of the camera (I love a good candid photo!). There were lots of giggles, candy, and joy.

Enjoy some of my fav photos of this gorgeous family!