Dad kissing mom on head while she's holding baby son by documentary family photographer Paper Bunny Studios

Tsang-Leung Newborn

Welcome little one! How can 11 weeks seem so long & so short all at the same time?! Welcome to the newborn baby bubble.

Darling Anson arrived in the world with perfect timing; two years ago his parents tied the knot (check out their wedding on Infused Studios). Life has been a whirlwind for Jessica and Eric. They’ve been busy adjusting to parenthood while also searching for a new home in Calgary and enjoying the visits from family who come to see the newest addition to the family. Their nieces & nephews couldn’t wait to meet their newest cousin!

And what an adorable addition Anson is! When I peeked into his bassinet, he greeted me with a smile. His beautiful eyes gazed at me and his little giggles were simply heartwarming. As I slowly positioned my camera in front of him, his expression shifted to a more serious one 🤣.

Bubble tea is a favourite for the family & the look of excitement on Anson’s face watching Mommy take a sip was priceless! Clearly, he knows one day he’ll enjoy a bubble tea too. The warmth & familiarity of mommy cuddles quickly lulled Anson to sleep. Dad mentioned that it’s usually the opposite when he holds the baby; he’ll wake up & cry.

Jessica + Eric, it has been such an honor to capture your wedding, maternity & now newborn. Thank you for trusting me with your precious memories. As you shared how quickly Anson has grown in the past few weeks and how his facial expressions change in the blink of an eye, I couldn’t help but reminisce about my own days with a newborn. Jessica noted how he’ll be off to school and leaving the nest before she knows it, and she held him a little tighter.

Cherish the cuddles – they’ll change too as he grows, but they’ll continue being the best, even as he gets bigger!