At home family portrait by Paper Bunny Studios

The Tsang Family

Life with kids is, well, it’s busy. There are great plans and hopes and then time (or, you know, a pandemic) puts the brake on those plans.

For Anita & Vincent they wanted to do newborn photos of their second and now third, but there was the pandemic & now they’ve just moved house, and, well, there just wasn’t the opportunity.

What a joy to spend some time with the Tsang family in their new home for their family photo session! The kids loved their new space to run around in and the Roo and You Joey set meant the kids could make their own soft play area!

Scroll down to the bottom for some of my fav pics from the day. I love family photojournalism and how, as a bystander (it’s never easy as a parent!), the sibling battles are a beautifully poignant reminder of how nuanced sibling relationships are. Especially with younger siblings. The love is absolute. As are the tears. And when the squabbling stops, the bond resumes.