Newborn baby photos with dog in background by Paper Bunny Studios Edmonton

The Tsang Family

New beginnings are full of hope, excitement and joy. Especially when that new beginning is a squishy, super cute baby (with a beautiful name!)

Abel + Karmen welcomed little Isla into the world 4 months ago. It was a joy to spend a chilly afternoon with them to document their life as a family of 4, because Penny (their dog) made sure we all knew she was part of this family! Abel + Karmen said they’d love to have Penny in the photos but Penny is notoriously camera shy. Cue Karmen saying “Rina Magic!” & Penny became a photo bomb queen.

Baby Isla enjoyed herself as mom & dad laughed about their newly photogenic dog. Then came time for milk & one of my fav moments; Isla fast asleep, content & surrounded by love.