Outdoor fine art family portaits by Paper Bunny Studios Edmonton
Family Photo Sessions

Memories are Made

Tips to make your family photo session carefree & fun.

cherish this time…

It’s an honour to be entrusted with being your family photographer. My goal for your family photo session is simple – take beautiful photos that remind you of this chapter in your family’s life.

Beautiful & natural, my family photos are a timeless reminderof your cherished moments

Whether I’m with you for a 20min portrait session or a 1hr+ “creative documentary family photography” session that combines storytelling photojournalism with portraits, I aim to create a carefree, fun session. Sometimes that involves jumping into water, rolling around in the grass or, if you’re feeling brave, rolling around in the snow.

Grandma and grandson kissing by Paper Bunny Studios Edmonton family photographer

Whether it is a brand newborn, an over excited toddler, a gifted teenager, or just a silly uncle or grandma; when everyone is enjoying themselves, the photos speak for themselves.

The result? Beautiful, artistic family portraits that capture everyone’s personality.

Photo Session Tips for Kids

I know it’s hard for kids. Some love to be in front of the camera. Others are quite shy. Just let them know that it is fun and nothing to be worried about. I do my best to make it a fun experience & not stress them (or you!) out.

I love bribes!!!

They are awesome and you can let kids know they can have an ice cream / candy afterwards. Try to avoid giving the treats during the sessions as sometimes it backfires and all they want to do is eat and not focus on the session. If it is a must to have treats during the session please bring snacks that aren’t going to stain the outfits or faces (avoid chocolates and lollipops) Auntie always has treats!

What to Wear for Your Family Photos

Extended family studio photo of all the cousins by Paper Bunny Studios

What we wear often becomes a big part of our memories of a time in our lives. I really want families to dress comfortably & true to what they would wear normally.

  • Aim for comfort and movability (wrap dresses are beautiful, but if it’s windy, not very practical)
  • Try not to wear t-shirts that have words, picture/ logos
    Brands like Gap/ H&M /Zara are great for timeless, stylish & casual clothing that you can move in
  • Spring/Summer – Choose lightweight fabrics (you don’t want to get too hot!). Go for flowy fabrics and cuts & choose brighter colours out of your closet.
  • Fall – Go for cozy; knits, layers, scarves. I love the look of jewel-toned colours for fall – think darker, richer colours. Wearing a dress? If it’s chilly I recommend wearing leggings or shorts underneath (we’ll hide it in the photos)
  • Should everyone wear the same colour? Nope! There’s no need to dress everyone in the same colour, but if you want a more harmonious look to your photos, I recommend choosing a palette of < 5 colours that everyone can choose outfits in. If everyone is wearing shades of blue bar 1 person in red, the person in red will stand out though. If you need some more tips on colour choice, just let me know!

The best family photos aren’t about capturing a moment, they tell your story

Edmonton outdoor Fall family photos - brother & sister - by Paper Bunny Studios
Family portrait photography - daughters in matching denim jackets by paper bunny studios edmonton
Documentary family photography by Edmonton family photographer Paper Bunny Studios


I’m a classically trained photographer and can work with any type of light. Bright harsh lighting, sunlight, shade, flash/ strobe, natural, daylight, studio lighting (depending on your session) – you will still look beautiful!

If the weather is very cold/windy/pouring rain, we will postpone if needed. I’ll give you 48hrs notice if things need to change & you can choose to either have a refund or book another day.

Outdoor fall family photos by Paper Bunny Studios

Before your Session

  • Take it easy! Rest up beforehand so kids aren’t tired or irritated during their photo session.
  • Since these sessions are outdoors, please make sure everyone has gone to the washroom before it starts!
  • Moisturise face & hands
  • Hairspray/gel for stray hairs
  • Clean face of food/crumbs
  • Nose wipe

What to Bring

  • Chapstick
  • Wet wipes (in case of emergencies)
  • Hairspray/gel & a hair brush (especially if your child is wearing a hat to get to the session)
  • Treats/snacks/your child’s favorite toy
  • For babies & toddlers: a change of clothes in case of drool/accidents. A baby bib on babies before photos helps keep their clothes clean

At the end of the day it’s abouthaving fun together and that makes the best memories (& photos!)