At home family photos with Grandpa being kissed on cheeks by grandaughtersby Paper Bunny Studios Edmonton

Extended Family with Great-Grandpa

This extended family photoshoot was SO fun. The laughs, the giggles, the smiles & the real, pure emotion were heartwarming.

Great-Grandpa is looking SO good for 90+ years. It was such an honour to capture the joy and love of this extended family. This is one of those photo shoots that affirms my choice to be a family photographer. Being able to document something like the first time Dad gave Grandpa a kiss is, well, it’s humbling.


Growing up in a Chinese family we rarely show physical affection. I’m pretty sure it’s even more true with my dad and grandfather’s generation. The mix emotions of embarrassment and happiness is all in their faces. I cannot express enough on how much I appreciate Rina being able to bring out the joy and probably the first time my dad ever gave my grandpa a kiss. It was so fun watching them. My grandpa turned so red but loving the moment but nonetheless having a blast.

Linda (Granddaughter)

Cherish this time. always.